Shaman's Teaching and Topics

During the 2nd and 3rd days of The Andes Summit, you are invited to attend each of the participating Shamans’ one-hour long presentations/workshops. Ask questions, experience their medicine. Get to know them so you can choose your healing session with the Shaman who resonates with you. Here are their proposed topics (subject to change):

7 Feathers of the Condor: 7 Teachings in the Way of the Andean Sages
Don Shairy-José Quimbo Pechimba

The 7 feathers at the edge of the giant majestic Andean Condor’s wings inspired Taita Don Shairy Quimbo to bring forth the sacred Andean Sages Path. Each feather signifies a guiding principle we could all apply for our own life stages. Based upon the life stages of the Condor from birth to death, it teaches us to live in sustainability, greater harmony, and peace, and manifest our full human potential. They are *PACHA PACTAY - Compilation (fulfillment) of time and space. *KUTIN CHAILLAPITI- Reiteration - The action repetition. *TUKUYRIKUY - Planning the flight. *YANANTINKUY - the complementary relationship of all existence. *AYCHAYTA ACHIKYACHIKUY - Readiness to initiate the big flight. *URAYMAN MUYURIMUNA - The necessary descent. *MALLKUYAY - Substitute of the Condor Mallku.

Ushai - The 5th Element - Friendship with the Elements 
Don AlVerto Taxo

Ushai is the secret and sacred 5th Element, rarely taught outside the High Andes of Ecuador.  Taita Don Alverto Taxo, the eminent elder and teacher, proclaimed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as “Jesus of the Andes,” will invite us to comprehend its true meaning and intimate connection with the other four cardinal elements of nature and the cosmos - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water -and then experience this 5th balancing element. Ushai is the word used in Kichwa to refer to the unity, the oneness, and the power of the four elements in equilibrium. Through simple ceremonies, habits, and practices in daily life, he teaches us to feel the sacredness of each moment and every place.

The Healing Sounds of The Andes
Don Oscar Santillan

Don Oscar will explain the healing power of sound vibration methods. He'll also demonstrate a Condor feather flute, 400-year-old Jade panpipes-conch shells, rattles, drums, bells, string instruments as well as chants. Through sound healing, you’ll release blocked energy, fears and traumas, and let your energy return to its natural harmonious flow.

The Andes Sacred Healing Movements
Don Jacho Castelo

The sunrise movement exercises taught by Taita Don Jacho Castelo are an ancient practice that is performed by the indigenous people of the High Andes of Ecuador. These sacred movements help invigorate and cleanse our bodies from toxins, remove blocked energies, improve digestion, stimulate breathing after our night’s sleep, and bring us back into balance. Spiritually, these sacred movements help us reconnect to the four elements, universal spirits, and most importantly, to Taita Inti (Kichwa) - Father Sun, whose loving light energy and warmth gives life and power equally to everything on this Earth, and to Mother Earth (Pachamama) - the earth/time mother who sustains life on this earth. This series of movements is simple and easy to perform. You will feel centered, balanced, recharged and ready to start a new day.

Opening to the Andes Feminine Heart
Doña Susana Tapia Leon

Susana Tapia Leon will guide us in the art of deep inner listening and opening our feminine hearts. Through body movement, gentle healing touch, breath, and sound we restore our inner joy, and synchronize our Feminine and Masculine energies with the energies of Nature.

The Tsachilas Ancestral Healing
Don Manuel Calazacon

Don Manuel is one of the Santo Domingo de Los Colorados that are believed to be the holders of secrets of the rainforest. He will be sharing wisdom on healing powers that are effective whenever western medicine or other shamans have failed. He is an expert in energy purification, Plant Medicine, and Temazcal (sweat lodge).

Midwifery and Women's Healthcare
Doña Maria Juana Yamberla

Dona Maria Juana will be sharing with us her healing teachings, life stories rooted in her faith in God and medicine stories. She is been working with women, men and child-birthing. Her tales are abundant with nuggets of wisdom, humor and laughter. 

La Limpia: The Healing Andean Rite
Don José Joaquin Pinéda

One of the old-timers, Don Jose, is short on words and strong on action. He will share with us about his upbringing and education as a Shaman. Additionally, he’ll demonstrate some of the healing techniques he uses, like fire blowing, La Limpia and other secrets.

The Path of Light: The Andean Healing Tradition
Don Estéban Tamayo

Don Esteban will share with us the teaching of the Path of Light, which is a way of living that awakens the Divine within to guide us in bringing forth our unique expression to the world so that we may be a beacon for others.

The Power of MUSHUK NINA – the element of Fire
Doña Clemencia Sanchez

Dona Clemencia will share with us her path of becoming a Yachak and healer, and will guide us in the path of Fire. The element of Fire is the element of clearing negative and old energies, of change and transformation.. and it’s a powerful tool in her healing.

Special presentation: Doña Laura Santillan 

INTEGRATING indigenous culture in our modern education


Doña Laura Santillan is the co-founder and principal of the Yachay Wasi school. Its mission is to give its students an intercultural and bilingual education (Kichwa & Spanish) with cultural pertinence and ecological justice to the Andes Mountains. Its purpose is to invigorate the knowledge of the original people of this land, in combination with contemporary, modern, knowledge of the people today; recuperating the respect of all forms of expression of human life, nature, and deities. The principle is “to form humans caring of diversity, and caretakers of the Mother Earth (–la Pachamama).” This is why the inclusion of a bio-diverse field, "la chackra" is a must in their educational space.