Discover centuries of deep wisdom for transforming your energy, expanding your vitality and creating a new heart-centered way of experiencing our world.



"...I've been on a lot of spiritual journeys over the years, but nothing like this. Shungo!!"


"Incredible, incredible, incredible! I’ve learned to try and abandon expectations, but if I’d come with any, they would have been far exceeded."


"...It was Life changing."


"...I was transformed forever."

A unique chance for 9 days of healings and teachings by 10 renowned elder Shamans.

The Andes Summit is a first-of-its kind total immersive Shamanic healing and teaching experience. For this Summit we added an additional day, dedicated for more Master Classes and healing demonstrations.


  • 3 days of personal healing ceremonies, some in the shamans own homes (more can be arranged).

  • 3 days of intensive Master Classes, wisdom sharing and healing demonstrations by ten of the most powerful shamans of the Andes.

  • 1 day of street dancing, singing and celebration at the ancient Inti Raimi (Solstice) ceremonies with shamans and locals in their own villages.

  • 2 nights of Plant Medicine ceremonies (San Pedro & Ayahuasca) – optional.

  • 2 nights of Sweat lodge (Tamazcal) ceremonies – optional.

  • Daily Sunrise early morning exercises, the sacred shamanic movements.

  • Live Andes music band and outdoor dancing (Sunday).

  • Trips to breathtaking lakes, sacred mountains, and stunning waterfalls.

  • Talking Stick Circles - Integration, sharing and processing group meetings.

  • Meet and interact informally with the Shamans and their families.

  • Authentic Andes Arts & Crafts and Shamanic Supplies Market.

  • A loving community of like-minded people from all around the world.

  • Specially designed delicious menu of fresh local and international foods.

  • Hacienda Hosteria Chorlavi's legendary grounds, hospitality and amenities.

"Once I signed up, I realized that I did the right thing to go on this trip! Way out of my comfort zone but once I was there, I felt more at home than any place I have been in a long time. The mountains are so beautiful and powerful and so are the shamans. I am so happy that I got to see that special place and I know I will go back. So from the bottom of my heart you changed my life, I will be forever grateful."


“If you’re ready to grow, learn and willing to shift your reality, this is the place to be...”


Come heal long standing physical, mental, and spiritual conditions that Western medicine may not cure.

Learn from the most renowned Shamans of the High Andes of Ecuador in a rare healing pilgrimage. Over 9 days and 8 nights, you will experience life-changing master classes, sacred shamanic rituals, Plant Medicine (Ayahuasca & Huachuma) and Tamazcal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremonies, majestic nature hikes to striking lakes, beautiful waterfalls and vibrant ancient culture.

During your journey, you’ll participate in the sacred Inti Raimi winter solstice, the ancient Incan Festival of the Sun. Plus, you’ll discover centuries of deep wisdom for transforming your energy, expanding your vitality and creating a new heart-centered way of experiencing our world.


Meet the Ten Master Shamans

 Master Shamans of the Andes Summit

At The Andes Summit, learn from these powerful Yachaks - Bird Men and Women - who transcend between the seen and unseen worlds to bring personal, community, and world healing. Their inspired deep rooted wisdom will empower you to connect with your healer and shaman within.


A personal Invitation for you!

Taita Don José Joaquin Pinéda, a well-known Yachak (Birdman Shaman), welcomes you to the Andes Summit.

Doña Maria Clemencia Sanchez Kalimba, well known in the world as the "Shaman from Zuleta," welcomes you to the Andes Summit.


A Life-Affirming Path for Engaging in Our World


You’re well aware that we’re living in chaotic times, where so many of us are experiencing stress, depression, and a loss of life purpose on a daily basis. Additionally, fractures in our communities have left people feeling more scarcity than abundance, and more loneliness than authentic connection.

However, through rare personal connections with authentic master Shamans in The Andes Summit, you’ll restore the peace, love and healing that comes from being in intimate relationship with the great Web-of-Life.

Through these transformative 9 days and 8 nights, you'll:

heart in head.jpg
  • Increase your Heart, Mind, and Spiritual intuition and perception.

  • Gain more clarity on your life purpose, with a renewed belief in yourself.

  • Find healing tools and processes you can use to heal yourself and others.

  • Experience new levels of liberation through ecstatic dance and music.

  • Discover powerful insights on myths surrounding indigenous shamanic healing.

  • Receive sacred wisdom and embody the beauty of South America’s High Andes.

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  • Be inspired to dream big and grow into your greatest potential.

  • Get familiar with the Indigenous Activism movement.

  • Grow your connection with the Web-of-Life and respect for the natural world.


Our Shamans will be sharing the following topics with you:

  • 7 Feathers of the Condor - 7 Teachings in the Way of the Andean Sages
  • Ushai (–The 5th Element) - Friendship with the Elements
  • Taki Sami - The Healing Sounds of The Andes

  • The Andes Sacred Healing Movement
  • Opening to the Andes Feminine Heart
  • The Tsachilas Ancestral Healing
  • Midwifery and Women's Healthcare

  • La Limpia - The Healing Andean Rite
  • The Path of Light - The Andean Healing Tradition
  • Mushuk Nina - The Power of the Sacred Element of Fire
  • Integrating Indigenous Culture into Modern Education

A Unique Spiritual and Cultural Experience


  • Learn from authentic Master Yachaks (Shamans) their powerful cosmology, spiritual beliefs, and practices.
  • Experience powerful healing ceremonies in the Shaman's own home.
  • Discover ancient Earth honoring cultures, spiritual philosophy, and practical wisdom.
  • Participate in the Inti Raimi Festival (Solstice Sun Ceremony), which has been celebrated continually for millennia, in their own ancient villages near ancient pyramid ruins.


  • Practice the daily Sun Rise movement exercises that welcome Taita Inti.
  • Hike to sacred waterfalls, springs, and lakes.
  • Meet the legendary Condor. Visit a Sun Temple, Ancient Pyramids, the colorful Otavalo markets and much more.
  • Discover the "Three Sisters," the ancient permaculture method used to grow vegetables and other foods.
  • Partake in Sacred Plant Medicine (Optional).


  • Enjoy typical local foods and fruits.
  • Learn ritual dances and songs in the Inca’s Kichwa language.
  • Meet like-minded people from all around the globe, who are committed to sharing and spreading the wisdom of the indigenous world in order to save ours.
  • Visit the shaman's villages to dance and sing in the sacred Inti Raimi – Solstice ceremony.

Meet the Founder

  Itzhak Beery  is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and bestseller author. He is the founder and director of  Shaman Portal .

Itzhak Beery is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and bestseller author. He is the founder and director of Shaman Portal.

In 2016, I promised my teacher, Taita Don José Joaquin Pinéda, I’d bring the sons and daughters of the Eagles — the people of the North — to learn from the sons and daughters of the Condors and their Yachaks–shamans/healers/wisdom keepers–in their own homes. Other Shamans (many teachers and friends of mine as well) enthusiastically embraced our vision. I’m thrilled that last June we successfully fulfilled this vision. This year again, join me and many other seekers from around the world in the consciousness revolution we are all part of. Together, utilizing the shaman’s guiding wisdom as a blueprint, we’ll create a strong global shamanic community for the sake of humanity and future generations on this miraculous planet.
 "Why Shamanism Now"  -  Engaging our World in New Ways: The Yachaks of the Andes  with Host Christina Pratt (1:00:17)

"Why Shamanism Now"  - Engaging our World in New Ways: The Yachaks of the Andes with Host Christina Pratt (1:00:17)

 This interview by Michael Stone of Itzhak Beery was part of the Shamanism Global Summit 2018 (47:18)

This interview by Michael Stone of Itzhak Beery was part of the Shamanism Global Summit 2018 (47:18)

 Wednesday with  Renee  Baribeau. A talk about the upcoming Andes Summit in Ecuador.

Wednesday with Renee Baribeau. A talk about the upcoming Andes Summit in Ecuador.

Welcome to Hacienda Hosteria Chorlavi


Imagine yourself in “The Nest of Love,” which is what they called these lands where, five centuries ago, the great Inca Emperor Huayna Capac fell in love with Pacha, the Princess of the Caranquis Tribe.


Hacienda Chorlavi, (A 90- minute ride from Quito's Airport) is a beautifully renovated historical country estate in the heart of Ibarra. Comfortable rooms feature simple, country-style décor with elegant dark wood furnishings. Some rooms have fireplaces. Other amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center and spa services. There are plenty of peaceful places for deep meditation, enjoying the birds singing, or relaxing on a hammock under the big trees along the flowing creek.


Getting to the Summit


Our designated drivers will pick you up upon your arrival to Quito airport or if you already in Ecuador you can meet us there – and bring you to the Hacienda beginning on Saturday, June 15th, 2019. You will also be returned to the airport at the conclusion of the Summit.


This service is included in your Summit Tuition Fee.


Extend your Experience

See more of Breathtaking Ecuador. Enjoy more of what Ecuador has to offer before you go home. Choose one of these optional 2-3 day tour packages that begin at the end of the Summit on Saturday, June 23.

All three trip packages Include: Certified English speaking tour guide, double room accommodations (single rooms are extra), all meals, entry fees, water and snacks.


3-days, 2-Nights; $690 per person

  • Visit the Middle-of-the-World Monument and the Intiñan Solar Museum.
  • Stay in the magical Cloud Forest Reserve at Bella Vista Lodge, a unique tree-house peaking over the canopy and surrounded by beautiful orchids and hummingbirds.
  • Experience a pristine forest with stunning mountain views.  
  • Visit the indigenous Tsachila community, and have an optional La Limpia healing or an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

2 days - 1 night; $490 per person

  • Travel through the Avenue of the Volcanoes to the picturesque and lively town of Baños.
  • Walk to the stunning waterfalls, relax in the public thermal water pools, and shop and sightsee until late hours.
  • Visit the magical Pastaza River and the fantastic Pailon del Diablo waterfall on simply an incredible nature walk. 

Transform Your Life


Whether you’re new to Shamanism or an experienced practitioner, join us for The Andes Summit to deeply transform your life and your relationship to our wondrous universe. It’s a rare opportunity to not only form personal connections with master Shamans, but also bond with like-minded people — visionaries, game-changers, path-blazers — from all over the world who care for the Earth.

The Summit Tuition Fee Includes:

Airport Transportation + 9 Days, 8 Nights beautiful Accommodations + All delicious meals + Full Summit curriculum and fees + Nature trips + Inti Raimi (Solstice) community ceremony + One Healing Session with your preferred shaman + Welcome Package + All Gratuities


Tuition: $3,995

Registration is limited due to Hacienda's capacity.

Inquire about special group, 5 and more participants rates. 

Register Now for The Andes Summit


Summit Registration is available through the form below for one or two attendees only. If interested in registering more than two guests, or for information about groups, special offers and discounts, please contact us.
Registration Deadline is April 15, 2019.


Use the form below to make your $750 deposit and reserve your spot today.

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Refund Policy

If you must cancel your participation in The Andes Summit, your refund will be as follows:

- Cancel before April 16th - 50% return - Less $240 Processing Fee

- Cancel before May 15th, 25% return - Less $240 Processing Fee

- No refunds after May 15th

All cancellations must be made in writing before May 15th, 2019


The Andes Summit offers a limited number of partial work-based Scholarships. Please submit a letter to this email with a bio and request by March 15, 2019. Let us know what skills you can offer. (translators, bloggers, PR/writers, filmmakers, film editors, photographers, etc.). Include your specific interest in the Summit and contact information. We will get back to you. Youth 18-25 are encouraged to apply.