A Message from the Shamans


"From Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), our hearts, arms, and doors are wide open to all of our brothers and sisters from all corners of the world and the four winds.

We warmly encourage you to participate in many teachings, traditional healing ceremonies, and rituals and join us in Inti Raimi, our sacred Solstice celebrations. Come and benefit from this rare opportunity to learn and grow.

We hope to share with you the symbiotic relationship that we embody, as we coexist in harmony with Pachamama and the Universe. The spiritual mysteries of our daily lives, our cosmology, the profound gratitude in which we treat our volcanic mountains Imbabura, Mojanda, and Cotacachi, our Sacred Valley, the volcanic yellow waters, and so much more.

We inherited sacred wisdom, passed down to us by our Kichwa and Otavaleños grandparents who are from these ancestral lands, and we want to share this knowledge with you. We wholeheartedly hope it will help you in these challenging times, to live in peace and harmony in your countries.

We encourage you not to pass up our invitation to learn about our ancient prophecies, and about the new Pachacuti–correction of Time/Space. A new awakening period began, when the Condor –who represents the heart-centered people of the South–and the Eagle – who accounts for the mind-centered people of the North – will be flying together in the same blue skies in a dance of harmony, as we bring back and embrace the universal feminine energies.

We are so delighted to be sharing this time together. It fills our hearts with joy. Come and nourish your mind, body, and soul, in our beautiful Ecuador.”


- Text taken from the Shaman's Welcome Videos