This year, celebrates it's 10th Anniversary with a great celebration of the Andes spirituality and long tradition of active Shamanism. Throughout the years Shaman Portal gained many followers from all corners of the world, earning us a strong reputation among those who are already practicing the shamanic traditions in everyday lives, those who are novice and among the many global teachers

Shaman Portal is dedicated to creating a vibrant global community of people who strive to teach and learn about the rich heritage of Earth and Spirit honoring practices by all shamanic traditions.

We believe that the wisdom in all shamanic traditions is essential to maintaining spiritual, mental and physical balance in our modern world.

With visitors from over 173 countries,, combined with its official Facebook page, is one of the most visited and informative Shamanic resources on the web.  We serve all Shamanic practitioners from every tradition, as well as those who are interested in walking the Shamanic Path.