Healing Methods

Here are some of the healing modalities you can partake in:

La Limpia

This is the Andes' traditional energy cleansing ceremony. It is used frequently to maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is performed whenever people get sick, are emotionally distressed, depressed, have bad luck in relationships, business or work, or for any other misfortunes that arise in their lives.

La Limpia is a physical and spiritual purification system. Each of the elements and tools used carries a spiritual symbolism and scientific reasoning. Its aim is to clear and balance the egg shaped energy field (illuminating body) surrounding each of us, and the physical body.

Our energy field can get contaminated by our life's traumas, memories, attachments, connection to ancestors and negative energies. It can also be polluted by entering into negative geographical locations, or by energy sent intentionally or unintentionally to the person such as anger and curses, through envy, bad air, and by energy attachments and spirit possession. Negative energy is heavy, so if it's not removed it can sink into our skin, and then penetrate deep into our tissues, organs, and bones.  Shamans believe that this contamination is responsible for all sicknesses and misfortunes. Clearing or extracting these old and negative energies brings in a new surge of positive energy, which allows for new clarity, and for a true healing to take place. 

What to wear:
The transformative and powerful cleansing ceremony is performed using the blowing of Trago–sugar cane rum alcohol, fire, smoke, oils, rubbing of eggs, tapping of flowers, herbal plants and other sacred natural elements. Hence, traditionally no clothing or very minimal dressing is highly recommended (underwear/shorts, bathing suit). It allows the skin to better absorb the healing essences and to discharge negative energies. However, you can decide to dress according to your level of comfort. Either way, please wear comfortable and loose clothing.

Taki Sami

(In Kichwa - Pulsing sound) Taki Sami is sound vibrational healing methods using traditional musical instruments, such as condor feather flutes, panpipes made of jade, ceramic, bamboo or bones, conch shell, rattles, drums, bells, string instruments as well as chants, voice and much more.

Each instrument's frequencies penetrate deep into a specific part of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It vibrates our bones and each of our body’s organs, removing and releasing blocked energy, fears and traumas, and letting the energy flow again in harmony. (Read more)

Shamanic Bodywork

Experience a variety of body manipulations, movements and massages to release energy blockages and pains. Improve the digestive system, fertility, feminine issues and womb conditions; helps in better deeper sleep, headaches and body structural problems.

Diagnostic Techniques

Each shamans uses different diagnostic tools to determine accurately the root causes of the client's illness and condition, may it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

You may experience different tools such as: Candle flame, Eggs, Palm and Guinea pig readings.


Each shaman will most likely prescribe you different herbal teas, special baths, and dietary changes for your optimal health.

Plant Medicine

Participation in these ceremonies are optional and solely the participant's responsibility. Please educate yourself in these plants by reading more or cliking the links below.

If you choose to participate in the following plant community ceremonies please avoid:

1. Any mood altering medicine, or blood pressure medication for one month prior to the Summit. 

2. Drinking coffee and alcohol. Eating red meat and pork, two weeks prior to the Summit.

Consult your physician.

* Ayahuasca - the Amazonian Vine of Dead brew (Learn more)

* Huachuma (San Pedro) the legendary sacred cactus of South America (Learn more)

* Guayusa - the Amazonian Watchman Dream Tea (Learn More)